Excellent Web Tools for The 21st Century Learner

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July9, 2014
Today while I was browsing my Google Plus feeds I came across this wonderful work by Pip Cleaves. This is a slideshow presentation in which Cleaves features a plethora of web tools to help educators and teachers (who do not always work in the app world) create  effective learning designs. These tools are arranged into six main categories:

Image credit:Pip Cleaves

These tools are to enhance collaborative work and interdependent performances:
Knowledge Construction
These tools are to help learners seek new venues of knowledge using a mixture of web search, content curation and content presentation.
Self- regulation
These tools help learners control and organize what they learn.
Real World Innovation and Problem Solving
In this category are featured a set of websites that provide learners with innovative and challenging ideas, projects, and thinking designs.
ICT for Learning
This category provides some examples of ICT ( Information communication technology) tools deemed important for learning.
Skillful Communication
These web tools are to enhance and develop skillful communication of digital content