Excellent Google Plus Cheat Sheet for Teachers

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July 13, 2014
I must admit that not until recently that I have started spending much more time on Google Plus. I even like it better than Twitter and most of the ideas for the posts I share with you here come from it. Also, the enhanced features Google Plus disposes of makes it a great  platform to use with students. For instance, Hangouts allows you to host a video conference session with up to 10 students in real time. And using Hangout Air, you can even broadcast your hangouts live to YouTube. Google Plus also enables you to create communities which is a feature teachers can use with their students to design an online space where they can interact, discuss and share learning materials.

Getting to know all the Google Plus features and tips might require some time for students but a handy cheat sheet such as the one below will definitely be of great help. This  graphic created by Eric Welke   outlines the different shortcuts and tips you and your students need to know about to tap into the full potential of this platform (I learned about this graphic from Daily Genius).

google plus cheat sheet