Easy Way to Import and Save Tweets and Hashtags into Google Drive

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July 13, 2014
Here is a practical and easy way to save tweets related to a particular search term or hashtag into a single Google Sheet. You can then download this sheet in Word or PDF format  or even publish it as an HTML web page. This little hack by Digital Inspiration is ideal for teachers using Twitter to grow professionally. Now if you don't have time to take part in the weekly education chats taking place on Twitter, you can simply create a sheet with the name of the hashtag you are interested in and all tweets mentioning that hashtag will be featured in that sheet. You can also use this hack to keep track of what a particular Tweeter (say an influential educator) shares.

The process to import tweets related to a hashtag or a given search term is very easy and simple. Here is how to do it :

1- First click HERE to make a copy of the Twitter Archiver sheet into your Google Drive.

2- Provide a name to this sheet. For instance, if you want to import tweets related to the hashtag #edtech , name your sheet "#edtech". Bear in min you are naming the sheet not the file.

3- Now head over to Twitter Apps and create a new app. It only takes a minute. In the Callback URL field, put https://spreadsheets.google.com/macros and save your changes. Select the API Keys tab and make a note of the Twitter Consumer Key and Secret.

4- Now go to your Google Sheet and select Tools, then Script Editor. Copy-paste the Twitter secret and key inside the editor. Now select the Run menu, choose Initialize and grant the necessary permissions.

Watch this video to see this hack in action.