Comic Poster- What Students Should Know about Creative Commons Licenses

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July 2, 2014
Here is another excellent infographic on the different Creative Commons Licenses. As most of you know, Creative Commons (CC) is a licensing non-profit body that provides content originators with different kinds of licenses that they can grant to the general public to use their work. Instead of "all rights reserved rule" CC works as "some rights reserved rule". Using CC licenses, authors of original content can specify the conditions, freedoms and limitations for the re-distribution and re-sharing of their works.

Knowing the difference between each CC license will enable our students to make informed choices and better use of licensed content they come across on the net. To this end, the visual below created by CC Poland ( I discovered it through Digital Inspiration) outlines the 6 types of licenses that students should know about. These licenses are accompanied by short definitions and conditions for use for each one of them.

creative commons licenses

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