BoomWriter Just Released WordWriter for Teaching Vocabulary

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July 24, 2014
 BoomWriter announced the launch of its new interactive vocabulary tool called WordWriter yesterday! WordWriter makes vocabulary fun, easy, and engaging and gives it a 21st century technology-twist! It's sure to be a great tool for teachers and students alike.

Utilizing BoomWriter’s interactive and collaborative platform, WordWriter will develop greater interest and engagement levels around vocabulary instruction.  WordWriter will increase students’ overall vocabulary comprehension through application of the teacher-selected vocab into their own written work.  Teachers will simply add the specific words they wish the students to incorporate, a word limit, and some guidelines—the WordWriter platform is flexible enough that students can write creative stories around the chosen words or just simple sentences to demonstrate their vocabulary knowledge.

  Best of all, WordWriter tracks student’s use of selected words and then checks off the vocabulary word once it’s been typed.  Once all students’ pieces are submitted and approved by the teacher, they can participate in the anonymous peer review portion of the process and vote for the piece they feel best utilizes the vocabulary.  WordWriter will also feature vocabulary word crowdsourcing, so teachers can see the most popular words for a particular grade added by other teachers from around the world!

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