Awesome Visual Featuring The 7 Signs of Professional Learning

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July11, 2014
Here is a useful visual from ASCD featuring 7 signs of professional learning. These are aggregated quips from some authoritative figures in the field of education. This visual is also available for free download from this link.

  • To be successful in professional development efforts we must plan backward, beginning with the student learning outcomes. ( Thomas R. Guskey,p. 10)
  • Just as surgeons see observations and coaching as vital to improving their craft, so should teachers. ( Emily Dolci Grimm, Trent Kaufman, and Dave Doty, p. 24)
  • We have to remember that teachers are professionals who use their classrooms as innovative laboratories and want to engage in authentic learning. (Kristen Swanson, p. 36)
  • Teachers have a great deal of knowledge about their practice and their students that is incredibly valuable to other teachers. (Rebecca Van Tassell,p.76)
  • When video recording is shared in a way that supports each educator's intrinsic desire to improve, it can be a powerful tool for rapid, significant improvement.  (Jim Knight, p.18)
  • Educators must ensure that professional learning networks are more than a forum for sharing war stories or platform for promoting personal preferences about instruction. (Richard Dufour, p.30)
  • When professional development fails to deliver genuine, face-to-face interactions with other people, educators feel cheated.  (John Settlage and Adam Johnst0n, p.67)

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