A Handy Rubric for Art Teachers

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July 5, 2014
Today I am sharing with you a practical rubric for Art teachers. I came across this rubric through this resourceful Creativity Board on Pinterest. As you see below the rubric is divided into 6 categories: material application and techniques, understanding of content, completion, tool responsibility, craftsmanship, and creative process. Teachers are to assess students artwork against these 6 categories assigning marks from 0 to 30. Depending on your teaching situation and your students learning needs, you might need to change or modify some of the evaluative criteria in this chart to fit your own teaching goals. Whatever way you use it, this rubric is a great example of the things art teachers have to pay heed to when assessing their students artworks.

This rubric is created by Ronie McBride, a teacher at Patton Jr. High in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.