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A Handy Chrome Search Tip for Teachers

July 1 , 2014
Here is a quick and handy search tip I learned today from Ana Hoffman's post on Google Plus. For those of you who are using Chrome browser this nifty tip will allow you to search for content on any website right from Chrome address bar. This means that you do not need to access the website to use its search engine to look for content hosted on it.

Here is an example of how this tip works. Imagine that you want to search for some screen sharing tools on this blog. Instead of going to and then use the search engine on the left hand side, you can just type the address of this blog in your Chrome bar and once you see the  suggested URL of the website, press the tab button on your keyboard to activate the search.

The URL of the address bar will then be converted automatically to a search engine saying "search educators".

 For this trick to work, you need to make sure that you tap the tab button on your keyboard only when you see the root URL (eg. on the address bar. Try out it now.