A Good Tool to Annotate and Create Interactive Videos for Your Class

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July 23, 2014
ThingLink is one of my favourite web tools for creating interactive images.If you have never used ThingLink before then here is a step by step guide I posted earlier to outlining the entire procedure to  create your first interactive visual that can embed videos, maps, text and links.

ThingLink has also released a new feature called ThingLink for Video. This new feature is  still in beta phase but you can request  an early access to try it. ThingLink video allows you to easily add interactive elements to public videos on YouTube. This is a great way to add rich layers of information and resources to videos you share with students. You can for instance add links to websites where students can read more on the topic of the video, or add links to other videos. You can also annotate your video by adding text and hyperlinks. Watch the video below to learn more about ThingLink Video.

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