11 Great Apps to Enhance Your Evernote

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July 25, 2014
Evernote is a powerful note taking web tool and mobile app. It is definitely an elemental component of teachers workflow. I have been using it for a few years now and I just can't live without it now.Evernote enables you to take notes in both text and audio format. Your notes can also include images,videos and even files. Evernote is available across different devices so that everything you do with Evernote on your computer can be automatically synced to your Evernote account on your phone or tablet.

With the growing popularity and widespread of Evernote, there appeared a wide variety of applications that can enhance your productivity and expand your Evernote experience. Here are some of these applications as recommended by Evernote app centre:

1- EverClip2

EverClip 2 is the easiest way to clip things on mobile to Evernote Open EverClip in the background, switch to any app, copy something you like, and it will automatically be imported to EverClip. Edit, annotate, and organize, then send to Evernote. You’ll never miss anything on mobile again!

This app  aggregates information from across the web (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Evernote, email, calendar, and contacts), and intelligently surfaces helpful insights. 

Postach.io is the easiest way to publish the thoughts you're already capturing in your Evernote. If you currently have notes in your Evernote account, you're ready to publish right now.

Instapaper lets you save web pages and articles you want to read later. Connect your Instapaper account to your Evernote account and send articles that you want to remember straight into your Evernote account, where you'll always have access to them from any device.

Prepare organized, searchable, copy-and-pastable excerpts and notes from hardcopy books, journals, and magazines and save them into Evernote.

StudyBlue is your digital backpack. Join the millions of students making, learning, and sharing amazing class materials. Use Evernote to take notes anywhere, and StudyBlue to study them everywhere.

ReferenceME makes managing research simple and organised. Simply scan book or journal barcodes with the ReferenceME app to create and manage references for your essay or research report.

8- Scalar

Scalar is powerful like a spreadsheet, but simple to use without rigid tables or small cells for inputting. When you’re done, save your calculations into Evernote to reference them later.

Manage your book collection and record your favorite quotes and find them later in Evernote.

10- Azendo

Azendoo is a collaborative task and project management app that lets you bring your Evernote notes at the heart of collaboration to boost work execution and communicate more intuitively!

Open, collaborate on your notes & save them back to Evernote with LiveMinutes.