Visualize Internet in Reali Time

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June , 2014
A few weeks ago I shared here some resources to help students learn more about the origins of Internet and the difference between Internet and the World Wide Web. Today, I am adding another awesome resource about Internet called Internet in Real Time. This is basically a platform that records in real time the data that is generated in each of the popular social media websites. It  shows the number of accounts being opened each second on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Google Plus, or the number of search queries conducted on Google every single second ( as I write these lines around 287634543 queries have been made). You will also be able to see a realtime number of app downloads in app store, the number of items purchased on Amazon at this moment, the number of YouTube video uploads each hour, and the number of Netflix hours watched. There is also another section in this site where you can get a live update of the revenue generated on each of these platforms in real time, and guess what ! the numbers are mind-blowing.