The 7 Characteristics of A Digitally Savvy Teacher

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June 8, 2014
Today while I was browsing through my Twitter feeds I came across this interesting visual about the 7 characteristics of a digitally competent teacher. This visual is created by daily genius and covers, in a generally speaking way, the broad digital features that should be present in teacher's digital behaviour.

Keep in mind that these are only characteristics and not skills. I personally prefer to call them digital attitudes because they frame and shape the mindset relevant for interacting with the digitally focused world. Also the majority of these characteristics are related to the concept of digital citizenship which we have extensively talked about here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

Here is a quick round-up of these 7 characteristics as featured by Daily Genius:
  • You can integrate digital skills into everyday life
  • You have a balanced attitude
  • You are open to using and trying new stuff
  • You are a digital communicator
  • You know how to do a digital assessment
  • You understand and respect privacy
  • You are a digital citizen

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