A Powerful Rubric for Evaluating Web Content for Teachers, Parents, and Students

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June 8, 2014
Here is another wonderful rubric from University of Wisconsin on the different criteria to use to evaluate websites . Students and parents can use it to assess web content in terms of its relevance to what is being taught in class. It can also be used as a tool for self-asessment and peer feedback.

This rubric covers 8 major criteria :

This criterion is for evaluating the usefulness of the content of webpages in terms of the information it has, the quality of the content, how frequently the content is updated, and whether it includes feedback loops such as surveys, forms or questionnaires.

This one assesses the use of multimedia elements in web content. These elements include, photos, graphics, sound, video and animation.It specifically looks into how these elements  are integrated into the texture of the content and to what effect they are used.

Fair Use Guidelines
This one looks into how citations are being used  (if at all) in web content

Internal and External Navigation
This criterion examines the validity of the the internal links ( links directing to other pages within the same website) and external links (links leading to content in other websites). It also looks into how the linking system is being built into the website and whether or not it facilitates users navigation.

Layout and Text Elements
This has to do with the typography of the web content: size and font of the text, the uses of headlines and subtitles, use of italics and indentations. It also examines the format of the page, the colour being used and the background and whether these elements enhance the general readability of the text or not.

Contact Person, Copyright and Update Information
Does the web page includes a a section where users can contact the author and read more information about the website such as the date of creation and copyright information ?

Speed Web Pages
Does the page load quickly? How images are featured into the web page and whether they include tags to help users get an idea of what they are about if they do not show up properly.

Writing Mechanics
This criterion evaluates the written content of a web page in terms of grammatical errors, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

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