A Wonderful Resource of Free Public Domain Images to Use in Class

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June 3, 2014
Pixabay is a great platform where teachers and students can search for and find public domain images. Using Pixabay images you will not have to worry about copyright issues or attribution requirements. Pixabay offers high quality images that you can use freely without attribution in digital and printed form. I have been using images from Pixabay to illustrate some of the posts here in EdTech and Mlearning and have also featured it in several previous 'free public domain image lists".

You can use Pixaby without having to register, however, non-registered members will always  be asked to type in the captcha code each time they want to download an image. Registration is free and takes only a minute. Once registered you will be able to upload your own images and share them with the world.

There are two ways to search for public domain images on Pixabay: first you can use the image library to browse through the different collections featured there or you can use the search functionality to refine your search using key words. When you use the search feature make sure you do not confuse the ads for free image . Pixabay features sponsored images  from Shutterstock which are not free, you need to skip the Shutterstock images and   browse through Pixabay downloadable images. Here is a snapshot that shows how Shuterstock and Pixabay images are displayed in a search result page.