PixiClip- A Great Tool for Creating Screencasts and Tutorials for Your Students

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June 27, 2014
PixiClip is a great web-based interactive whiteboard with huge potential for educational uses. PixiClip allows you to easily record your screen and share it with others.It provides an online canvas on which you can type, narrate, draw, sketch, and upload images to mark-up. You can record the whole process of your work on the canvas accompanied with your voice.

Some of the key features that make PixiClip stand out from the rest are:

  • Its compatibility with almost all web browsers ( Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer).
  • Unlike  other screen casting tools such as ScreenChomp, Educreations, ShowMe and Explain Everything, PixiClip is available for Chromebook users.
  • Most of the screen-recording tools out there allow you to add your voice to the recording, PixiClip goes a step further by allowing you to even add a short video of yourself to your recording.
  • PixiClip allows you to upload your own images, annotate and sketch them the way you want.
  • PixiClip supports both ink and text annotation
  • Recordings can be shared on social media, through a link or email or via embed.
Few ideas on how to use PixiClip in your class :
  • Create a how-to guide to walk students through the different steps of a given process.
  • Create screen recordings to provide students with feedback or remediation. 
  • Students can use it to create book trailers or introductions to projects they are working on.
  • Use PixiClip to create flipped lessons. You can create instructional videos with annotated illustrations on the whiteboard and share them with students to watch at home. 
  • Students can  use it for storytelling. They can create short stories using their own images together with narration using their voice.
Watch this awesome video from Kathy Schrock to learn how to use PixiClip.

Here is how you can use PixiClip to create a tutorial :
1- Click on "create a Pixiclip"

2- Click record as shown here

2- Use the tools to doodle on the canvas. These tools include a pencil, marker, and a text. You can choose the colour you like from the colour palette on the left.

3- If you have an image in your computer that you want to mark up or write on, click on "upload image" button to upload it to your PixiClip canvas or drag and drop it there.

4- You can also add voice and video clips using the buttons below

5- When you finish creating your tutorial, you can save and share it with others.

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