Over 400,000 Lesson Plan Resources for Teachers

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June 25, 2014
I received a couple of emails over the last couple of weeks from some teachers asking about a reliable resource for lesson plans. I have already shared a list here in the past featuring seven good online lesson plan resources for teachers  but in this post I want to focus more particularly on one single platform that is my favourite among them all. This is called Lesson Planet.

Lesson Planet is a website that provides teachers with a convenient place where they can search for, discover, and share standard-correlated lesson plan resources. Teachers can search over 400.000 online lesson-planning resources reviewed and rated by a team of credentialed teachers. Lesson Planet also provides worksheets, presentations, educational videos and several other good materials to use in your class.

The difference between using Lesson Planet and a general search engine

Whereas a general search engine displays large numbers of unfiltered results, Lesson Planet focuses on resources that are useful to teachers, such as lesson plans and worksheets. Moreover, each of the 400,000+ resources on Lesson Planet has been summarized and rated by credentialed K-12 teachers, allowing members to rapidly locate relevant, high-quality material. Lesson Planet also allows teachers to narrow their search by criteria specific to the classroom, including grade level, subject, overall rating, or standard.

Lesson Planet is not free. It offers a 10 day free trail period that teachers can use to see whether they like it or not and then if they want to continue using the service they need to pay a membership fee.