Over 30,000 Free Downloadable Images to Use in Class

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June 3, 2014
Here is another great resource of free high resolution images that students and teachers can use in their class. The Museum of New Zealand has recently made over 30,000 images available for download and re-use .This huge collection comprises images that are either under public domain or licensed under Creative Commons (which entails you to add an attribution to them when you use them).

To search for downloadable images in the Museum of New Zealand, type in your query in the search box and tick " with downloadable images". You can also use the advanced search functionality to narrow down your search and target only specific collections.

When you find the image you want to use click on "download" button and a page with the copyright status of that image will be displayed. This page usually informs you of the things you can do with that image. Next click on " download image" and save it in a safe place in your computer.

This resource of free reusable images can be used by students to look for images to use in their classroom projects and presentations. For more similar resources of free images to use in an educational setting, check out this page.

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