Must Have Microsoft Web Based Apps for Teachers

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June 9, 2014
Several teachers still don't know that Microsoft Office has a set of powerful web based tools that are similar to the desktop versions of its powerful Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Calendar. These tools are hosted on the cloud and you can use them anywhere you are with an internet connection. Microsoft web-based office tools are similar to Google Drive tools.

Data Storage
Word document tool
Presentation tool
Spreadsheet and forms tool
Google Office Suite
Google Drive
( 15 GB for free )
Google Docs
Google Presentation
Google Form/ Spreadsheet
Microsoft Online  Office Suite
(7 GB for free)
Word Online
PowerPoint Online
Excel Online

My favourite Microsoft app I have been using on my MAC for awhile now is Word Online. This is way better than Google Doc especially when it comes to writing extensive pieces of writing.  I used Word Online to write my MAEd thesis and it worked pretty good.

Here is a quick overview of  some great Microsoft apps you can use to increase your productivity. All of these apps are web based and you can access them online. To use any of these tools you need to have a Microsoft account which you can open for free. It takes only a couple minutes.


OneDrive is similar to Google Drive. It is a place where you can save documents, pictures, files, and folders. Everything you create in Word or PowerPoint or other apps is automatically saved to your OneDrive and can be accessed across different  devices. The syncing functionality of OneDrive is really wonderful. OneDrive also offers up to 7 GB of free storage capacity.

Word Online

This is similar to the desktop version of Word. It allows you to create word documents and provides you with all the authoring tools you need for that. You can choose from the document templates gallery, add pictures, drawings, links, tables, customize the page layout, text fonts, headings and many more.

PowerPoint Online

Using PowerPoint Online will enable you create presentations and slideshows similar to those you make using the desktop version. You will also have access to all the presentation features including: templates, animations, transitions, shapes, different kinds of text, and many more. Everything you create in PowerPoint Online is automatically saved to your OneDrive

Excel Online

Whatever you can do on your desktop Excel is also available through Excel Online. You can create spreadsheets, forms, surveys, tables and many more.Again everything you create here is saved to your OneDrive.


OneNote is a powerful note taking tool from Microsoft. You can use it to take notes online and save them to OneDrive. You can also customize the look of your notes  and access them through different devices.