Looking for Books to Read This Summer? Here Are Two Great Places to Start with

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June 3, 2014
 I am sharing with you two useful platforms where you can search for books to read. There are several other book platforms that offer similar services but I am only sharing the two I trust the most.

1- Goodreads
Goodreads is my favourite book platform out there. Goodreads is not only a website that provides book reviews and recommendations but it also builds a community around what people read through engaging readers in discussion threads around different titles. You can add friends to your list and be able to browse what they have on their bookshelves. You can also comment and rate the books they read. Goodreads also allows you to search for books by title, author, isbn or list. And if you have bought books on Amazon you can easily add them to you bookshelf.

Another great feature that Goodreads offers to users is the "reading challenge". You can set a reading challenge by selecting the number of books you want to read for this year and each time you log on to Goodreads you will see an evaluation bar in blue that indicates how many books you have read so far and the number of books remaining for you to finish your challenge.
Goodreads is also available for iPad .

2- Common Sense Media Book Reviews

Common Sense Media book reviews section is a place where you can sift through hundreds of books specifically curated to meet the needs of teachers, educators, parents, and students.  You can search for books using different criteria. For instance, you can search for books according to a specific age category (from age 2 to 17). In fort of each book there is a number of stars that indicate its popularity. Clicking on the title of any book you find will take you to a page where you will be able to read a short synopsis about that book, save the book to your shelf (only available for registered members), and there are also purchase links that you can use to buy the book from Amazon or iTunes.