iPad Bingo Card with Great iPad Apps and Activities to Use in Class

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June , 2014
Over the last few weeks, I have been intermittently posting articles featuring different iPad activities teachers can use in their class with students. The last thing I published in this regard is these 5 iPad learning tasks. I am doing this in reply to the multiple requests I received from teachers asking for suggestions of iPad-based activities to use in class.

Today I am sharing with you an iPad Bingo card created by iPad Bingo. This card is available for free download from this page. iPad Bingo card is a chart that features 6 iPad apps and with each of these apps is attached a set of activities to be achieved through the use of that app. These activities are divided into three levels with different layers of difficulty.

 Here is an example of the activities that can be done through Drive app:
Level 1: Create and share a document using Google Drive
Level 2: Take a picture with the iPad and upload it to your Drive account
Level 3: Students take a picture and upload it to their Drive account or they can create and collaborate on a document.

The six apps included in this card are :
  • Drive app
  • Skitch
  • 30 Hands
  • Popplet
  • Doceri
  • Touchcast
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