Handy Resources and Checklists for Implementing 1:1 in Your School

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June 13, 2014
After posting "What Teachers Need to Know about 1:1 Vs BYOD" I received a couple of emails from some educators asking about more resources to help their schools better implement a 1:1 technology program. My number one go-to place for materials concerning the designing and  implementation of any 1:1 program is called 1-to-1 Essentials.

1-to-1 Essentials Program is created by Common Sense Media and comprises some great resources and materials that will provide you with the guidance you need to proactively address issues related to the implementation of a 1:1 program in your school. These resources include checklists, PDF documents, and videos and are arranged int three main phases :

Phase 1: Envision
This phase helps you set up a clear vision of your 1:1 program. It provides tools to assist you in defining your goals and lays the groundwork for going 1-to-1.

Phase 2: Communicate
This is the communicative phase where you get to learn about the different ways and strategies to train and inspire teachers and keep families in the loop on what to expect from your program.

Phase 3: Implement
The third phase is about implementation. It provides a plethora of activities to engage your students and customize their 1-to-1 on boarding experience.

Watch the playlist below to learn more about 1-to-1 Essentials Program.