Five iPad Learning Tasks You Should Be Able to Do with Your Students

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June 2, 2014
If you are running out of ideas of how to leverage iPad in your classroom teaching then the 5 tasks I have for you today are enough to establish your workflow and get your students engaged in interactive learning tasks. These tasks are designed by isupport and are geared towards providing teachers with a general outline of how they can integrate iPad in the classroom. I have spent some time going trough each of these tasks and have found them really worth sharing with you. This work reminds me of a similar work done Greg Kuloweic  entitled"The iPad Ideas Book".

Each of the tasks featured here are structured in such a way that cover different stages of Bloom's thinking taxonomy.They also include a brief write-up about the objective of the task, how it can be achieved and the apps that can be used to complete it. The  five tasks that are outlined here are :
  • Task 1: Create a movie
  • Task 2: Create a podcast
  • Task 3: Create an interactive book
  • Task 4: Create a presentation
  • Task 5 : Create a PDF
Let me share with you the first task and you can check the rest from this link.

Task 1 : Create a movie

make me a 2 minute video. This task will present workflow which you can adapt to suit your curriculum outcomes.
Role play and character interview. Your students will put themselves into the position of an individual during a significant historical event.

Level 1:Remembering
Research dates, names, places in Safari app. Collect mages and text, and don't forget to reference all of your data.

Level 2: Understanding
Review your text and images. Your images are saved in the Photos app. Which images will you be using to illustrate your work? Compose your supporting text in Notes app, don't forget to reference where your photos came from.

Level 3: Applying and Analyzing
Use your note paper to storyboard your movie. Consider how each scene might be shot. Will you be interviewing a friend? which locations will you record in? If you can draw the scenes great! If not write down a brief overview of your proposed movie.

Carefully script your movie, how does your character feel? which class does he belong to and what can he do considering his position? Present your storyboard and script to your teacher for assessment. Once approved move onto making your movie!

Level 4: Analysing and Creating
Use iMovie app to bring all of your media together. Use the still images in your Photos library and place titles on the slides from your notes. Record and edit your movie all within iMovie.

Level 5: Collaboration
Preview your movie. When you are happy you will need to share it with your teacher. From iMovie select the share button and choose YouTube. If you use Google Apps for Education or have a YouTube account, sign in and select Unlisted under the Privacy option. Now just share your YouTube link with the teacher