Fishtree A Good Learning Platform for Teachers

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Lesson planning and student engagement are two things that should be easier and better. Sometimes all we need is more time, sometimes – a smart platform that helps us to do more with less time. Fishtree is an example of such a platform.

Easily Find Teaching Resources For Your Lessons

Fishtree is a place where teachers can find resources for their lesson plans in seconds. Resources from textbooks, Open Education Resources, teacher lesson plans and even news from recently published, trusted sources, accessible at the touch of the button.


fish tree

You no longer need to go to several different sites to find what you need. Fishtree does the hard work for you! And it automatically aligns these to learning standards such as the US Common Core.

Excite Your Students With Personalized Lessons

With Fishtree you’re able to make a lesson, and then adapt the lesson for individual students, in a way that is easy to manage in the classroom. Each student is given personalized resources to attend to their individual needs or challenges with varying degrees of difficulty. Teachers control the entire process and are given the real time data on each student, without being overwhelmed by individual learning paths or multiple assessments.

Fish tree lesson plans

Increase Student Confidence And Performance

Getting every student to participate in the classroom can be a challenge. Fishtree helps you  create a community of learners who need to be engaged in different ways, they need different resources, need more or less time on their objectives. It helps students connect directly with teachers if they are seeking support. 

It also allows students to connect with each other around their lessons and resources. Whether you have students who are struggling in certain areas or, students who are more curious and want to get deeper on a topic, you can now reach out to every student in the classroom, quickly and easily.

Fishtree provides data on how students performed and delivers it to you instantly on the analytics’ page. If you see that any of your students need help, you can remediate or deliver some personalized resources, with just one click.

Start Teaching With Fishtree

Fishtree is a completely online web app that allows teachers to create beautiful, interactive and dynamic lessons from millions of carefully sourced resources, with quizzes, teacher generated links and content, real time content sources, all delivered to any smart device. And you can automatically generate assessment questions from your resources - even those recently published!