Excellent Speech to Text Tools for Teachers

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June 11, 2014
In a recent post I shared here a few days ago, I featured a list of three good text to speech tools for teachers. Today, I am sharing with you another list of handy tools but this time it is the other way around: speech to text. These tools will enable you to transcribe oral speech into text  which you can then copy and use anywhere you want.

1- Online Dictation

This is a great tool that lets you transcribe speech as you talk. This tool is also available as a Chrome extension. To start using Online Dictation, just head over to its home page, click on " start dictation" and start talking. You need to have a mic to do this.

2- Dictanote

Dictanote is an advanced text editor with an integrated speech recognizer which lets you transcribe your speech. The great thing about Dictanote is that it provides you with most of  the authoring features you would normally find in other text editors. You can dictate your speech and customize it the way you want before you copy and share it with others.

3- VoiceNote

VoiceNote is a notepad that allows you to type with your voice. VoiceNote is available for download from Chrome store for free. Once downloaded, select your language and click on the "mic" button to start transcribing your speech. It also provides several tools to customize your text.