Classroom PDF A Great iPad App to Annotate, Grade and Present PDFs

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June 27, 2014
ClassroomPDF for the iPad is a PDF App tailor made for a teacher's workflow. It is ideal for grading PDF documents and presenting them in class. In addition to a silky-smooth handwritten ink engine, unique One-Tap Covers let you hide answers on the page and reveal them when needed. This is great for impromptu quizzes and motivating in-class discussions.

Annotate PDFs:
ClassroomPDF can open standard PDF files exported from other Apps such as Keynote or Dropbox. You can annotate them in your own handwriting using ClassroomPDF's ultra-smooth digital ink. Annotated PDFs can then be re-exported to other Apps or emailed to others. Use this to grade or give feedback on homework, or to write in answers before or during presentations.

One-Tap Covers:
The feature that sets ClassroomPDF apart from basic PDF apps is the ability to add temporary covers over parts of the page. This is ideal for giving impromptu quizzes and motivating classroom discussions. Cover the answers and tap to reveal them as you walk through the document.

Classroom Presentations:
You can use AirPlay to project the iPad's screen to an AppleTV or other compatible AirPlay receiver, and present wirelessly. Or use a direct cable connection with the appropriate VGA or HDMI adapter. Use the virtual laser pointer feature to call out parts of the page and guide the discussion.

Color-Coded Organization:
ClassroomPDF can store previously opened PDF documents for quick retrieval. Use color- coded categories to easily organize your documents by class or project.

Features include:

+ Ultra smooth ink annotation
+ 4 color inks and variable sized pen
+ Virtual laser pointer
+ One-Tap covers
+ Export annotated PDFs to other Apps or Email
+ Print via AirPrint
+ Organize files under 10 color-coded categories

Classroom PDF is available for the iPad running iOS7 or later. Download it from the App Store.

Here are 4 free download codes for this app.Whoever grab the code first will be able to install the app for free.

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