Awesome Visual On The Use of Google Glass in Education

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June 15, 2014
Although it is sill in its infancy stage, Google Glass has already began making a huge buzz around its potential uses in the education area. It is true there are now some raising voices that oppose the use of this technology and view it as a serious threat to individual privacy and a source of unsolicited distraction. But a look back at the circumstances surrounding each great invention in history proves that such voices have always been around. All kinds of technology have negative and positive sides and if we dwell on only the negative part, I am afraid we might  be seeing  the forest for the trees.

That being said, some educational entities have already started conceptualizing ways to integrate this wearable technology in education. One example of this is the visual below which outlines the different  uses of Google Glass in education. Here is a brief round-up of some of the main points from it:

Uses of Google Glass in Grade School and High School
  • Document field trips
  • Virtual field trips
  • Teachers monitor students during field trips
  • Short how-to films
  • Record practice videos
  • Student presentations and performances
  • Create visually rich presentations
  • Learning while participating
  • Encourage remote group work
  • Remote tutoring
  • Attendance taking
  • Teachers capture notes with Evernote app
  • Teachers record their own teaching
  • Assess performance of students teachers
Uses of Google Glass in University
  • Orientation
  • Supplemental material during lectures
  • Closeup viewing of lab demos
  • Safe viewing at a distance
  • Perspective of the lecturer
  • Medical training

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