An Easy Way to Insert Files from Your Google Drive into Your Gmail Messages

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June 14, 2014
Have you ever tried to attach a file to an email you are sending through Gmail only to find out that it is too large? Now using "insert from Drive" will allow you to attach and send files as large as 10 GB (400 times larger than what you can send as a traditional attachment). As a Gmail user, you can now insert any file from your Drive right into your Gmail message without even leaving your Gmail message composer.

Another great thing about using this functionality besides being able to directly insert file attachments from your Drive is that your recipients will always have access to the same , most-up-to-date version of the file you send them.

With this seamless integration of Drive into Gmail, you will be able to send anything you have saved on your Drive ( pictures, videos, presentations, documents, files) right from your Gmail message composer. Here is how to insert a file from your Drive into your Gmail message in two easy steps :

1- Open your Gmail message composer and click on "the insert fro drive " icon

2- Select the files you have on your drive then click on upload.

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