A Set of Educational Web Tools You Might Not Be Aware of

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June 7, 2014
From elementary school to college, students of all ages have a growing pool of educational tools available to them. Here are a set of tools you might not be aware of, and have been recommended by students to their teachers.

A student planner that also tracks how long assignments should take, based on teacher estimates and classmate feedback.

This free website helps students write science or lab reports using scaffolds for each step of the writing process.

 An iOS app designed so early childhood to elementary school students have an easy way to publish a online journal.

Need a handy comprehensive world atlas and encyclopedic info on all the countries of the world?

Perhaps a bit snarky, this website can also be a useful demo of complex Google search queries.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools.

Student Organizers 

 This collection is curated by high school district librarian Shonda Brisco.

This one is curated by middle school world history teacher Charsta Simmons.

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