A Must Have Resource of TED Talks for Your Class

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June 17, 2014
TED is a a great video resource I have often recommended and featured in several of my posts here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. TED talks are both informative and inspirational and there are a variety of ways to integrate them in your teaching. For instance, you can use them with your students to enhance their oral and communicational skills through sparking discussions around particular topics. They are also a good way for students to practice their self-expression abilities and learn how to craft cogent arguments and express their opinions. TED talks can also be used for writing practice. Students watch a talk at home and compose a written feedback in few paragraphs on its content. They can then exchange their written work with their peers  and peer edit each other before they share the final work in the class blog or website.

TED has over 1000 recorded talks spanning various themes and topics and to look for videos to use in class from this huge pile will be a time consuming task. One easy way to quickly search and find what you want on TED is through the use of TED Playlists. These are specifically curated lists and collections of TED talks organized around a common theme. You can browse through these playlists by topic, duration or curator.

Also, some of the playlists are based on talks curated by popular figures and authors such as Dan Pink list, David Blaine list, or Ken Robinson list to mention but a few. Next time you want to search for a TED talk on a given topic, give TED playlists a shot.