A Handy Google Image Tip for Teachers and Students

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June 17, 2014
One of the essential features of Google Image, but overlooked by most students,  is to search for images using images instead of text. This is especially important when searching for information around a certain image. For instance, in a field trip with class to the local zoo, students came a cross a little bug that they did not know. To learn more about this bug they can use their smart phones to take a picture of it and upload it to Google Image. If the first page of search results did not turn out accurate results they can add some text to the image ( like for example its colour, how many legs it has...etc).

Searching Google Image using images is also ideal when looking for more information about a picture you come across online. You might want to know the author of the picture, or you might want to cite the picture  and need some information about it. In this case, you can either save it to your computer then upload it to Google Image or use its URL if it is hosted online.

Here is how you can search Google Image using images :

Head over to Google Image and click on the camera icon

You can either use the URL of the picture you are looking for (if it is hosted online) or use the upload button to upload it from your computer.

Once the picture is uploaded (takes only few seconds) a search results page will be displayed. Browse through the results and if you cant find what you are looking for , add some words to your search as shown below.