A Good Free Web Tool to Create Classroom Posters

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June 9, 2014
After we have learned how to create a classroom poster using Google Draw, I am introducing you today to another awesome web tool which will enable you to design gorgeous classroom visuals. This tool is called Pixteller . I have been tinkering with it for awhile and found it really worth using. This is particularly relevant for creating illustrated quotes and short posters for your class. Here is one I created for the purposes of this tutorial :

Pixteller is completely free to use. And while you can use it without being registered, only registered members are able to download posters with no watermarks. Once registered , follow this visual guide to create your first poster.

There are actually two ways to creat a poster using Pixteller:

The first method is to build it from scratch . Here is how to do it :

Click on "create" button

Set the image height

Select the background you want by choosing from solid colour, Liniar Gradient, Circular Gradient, and Texture.

You can also upload a photo and use it as a background. You can use photos hosted online or ones that are saved on your computer.

Click on "text" and type in your text. You can customize the font of your text, its size and its placement. You can also click on "more" icon to apply different text effects.

Pixteller provides a gallery of different free icons to use on your poster. These icons are organized into various categories. To integrate an icon into your poster, click on "icon" and choose from the categories.

Click on "finish" and type in a title for your poster. Check the private post box if you don't want others to see it.

Second Method

The second way to create a poster is to use one of the pre-made themes provided by Pixteller. Here is how to do it :

Click on "theme" button and select from the themes available there

When you find the theme you want , click on the "Repix" button

Now you can customize the look of the theme by going through the same steps mentioned in the first method. You can add text and icons; change background colour and texture and add images, When you are done click on" create image" Scroll down under the poster and use the sharing buttons to share your poster on popular social media or click on " download" to download it your to your computer and print it off to use with your students.

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