A Comprehensive Guide Featuring 101 iPad Tips and Tricks

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June 29, 2014
I just came across this wonderful guide and could not let it go without sharing it with you here in EdTech and Mlearning. Whether you have just bought a new iPad or you have been using one for awhile now, this guide will definitely help you make the best out of your "iPadding experience". I have spent sometime trying out some of the tips it features and I am really amazed at how much I did not know I could do on my iPad.

This guide, created by Josh Smith , features 101 iPad tips and tricks. And as Josh said, "this list of over 100 iPad tips and tricks is broken down by tips to help you get started, use the keyboard better, surf the web on the iPad easier, sync your photos, data and calendars as well as get the most out of your iPad with entertainment apps and services."

Here are the 9 main sections of this guide. Clicking on anyone of them will take you to the part of the guide  where you can read more about it.

All thanks go back to Penina Rybak throug whose Tweet I learned about this guide.