6 Great Homework and Study Aids iPad Apps for Students

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June 20, 2014
Today I am sharing with you a host of carefully selected apps that students can use on their iPads to help them both in the planning of their studies and  in their homework. Using these apps students will be able to organize their study materials, arrange their classes and courses, track their assignments and tasks and also collaboratively work on their homework. Of course the list is not exhaustive and there are several other apps to be added to it but I only included the 6 most popular ones.

1- iStudiez

iStudiez is an iPad app that helps you arrange all your schedule and homework. Using this app will enable you to :

  • Manage your schedules using a built-in planner
  • Organize your courses and customize their details the way you want.
  • Organize your class types and extracurricular activities using different labels.
  • Keep track of your homework and assignments
  • Organize your tasks and assignments by date, course, or priority or sort them into pending or completed
  • Work collaboratively on your assignments by adding people from your contacts
  • Keep up-to-date with your due tasks and assignments through notifications sent regularly by iStudiez.

2- inClass

inClass is a great app that allows students to organize their school schedule by giving them the possibility to track their courses, tasks, and homework using a built-in notification system. inClass is also ideal for taking all kind of notes (video notes, audio notes, and photo notes). Another great feature from inClass for students is StudyRoom which allows students to collaborate and share notes with each other.

3- Class Manager

Class Manager allows you to plan and organize your classes, assignments, tests, and paper submissions. Using this homework planner app  will  enable you to :

  • Organize your homework by date, priority and class
  • Create reminders for each homework
  • Get reminders of your due homework and tasks
  • Organize your classes into the Timetable app using class name, room number, and teacher of the class, and start and end date of each class.
  • Get help with homework from tutors.

4- ClassOwl

This is another great iPad app for organizing assignments, tests, and deadlines into simple to-do lists. ClassOwl also allows users to see how long assignments should take based on teacher estimates and classmate feedback.

5- StudyBlue

StudyBlue is an app that allows students to improve their learning through the use of flashcards, study guides, and quizzes. Students can either choose from the pre-made flashcards on the deck or they can create their own, StudyBlue also enables students to learn collaboratively by holding discussions and conversations with classmates  right inside the app

6- My Homework Student Planner

This is a good student planner which allows students to track their classes, homework, tests and assignments. It also provides an in-built calendar and supports time, block and period-based schedules.