40 Useful Maps to Teach Students about The History of Internet

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June , 2014
Internet permeates every facet of our life. We have grown dependent on it to the extent that plugging off for one day is almost insupportable. For those of us who are digital immigrants the transition from a non-internet to an internet world is a life changing experience.Thinking back of those days when mail used to take days to get to you and  when you have to make a back and forth trip to the nearby library to get some reference books to help you with your research, and now that we have everything at the tips of our fingers that recent past seems like it belongs to antiquity.

Our kids and students who are born into this digitally focused world do not have this hybrid experience. They have never known a world with  no internet. They take connectedness for granted. But the questions is do they know how this Internet thing came into existence? How did it develop to be what it is now ? This wonderful resource by Timothy Lee provides 40 wonderful maps to help your students better understand Internet in terms of where it came from, how it works, and how it is used by people around the world. These maps are organized in a chronological order starting with the ARPANET (world before Internet ) and going through to the Wikipedia world. Each map is supported with a textual explanation.

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