4 Great iPad Apps for Creating Educational Comic Strips to Use in Class

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June 15, 2014
Below is a chart I have created today where I embedded four of the top iPad apps that you can use with your students in class to create educational comic strips. Of course there are several other apps that can be used for this purpose but the titles I included below are definitely must have for any teacher planning to integrate comic strips in their instruction.

Comic Creation Apps

Make Beliefs allows students to create comic strips using 37 human and animal characters with each showing 4 different emotions for a total of 148 character choices. Students get to animate these characters using talk and thought balloons . Make Beliefs also provides a wide range of scenes, objects and template panels to enhance comic strip making.

Comic Head provides students with a variety of themes, images,templates and art assets that they can use to create their comic strips.Comics created by Comics Head can be exported as an image or PDF document.

strip designer.png
Strip Designer allows you to create beautiful comics from your photos. You can use the photos you have in your camera roll or download them from your Facebook account and apply to them different customizations and effects. You can add balloons with fun words, or use stickers to spice up the story.

Comic Life is an iPad app that provides you with the tools to create dynamic and vibrant comics. It enables you to create talking photos using full page templates and panel layouts. It also offers speech balloons, photo filers, comic lettering, shapes, shadows and effects to use with your photos.

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