32 Ways to Use Google Apps in Your Classroom

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June 24, 2014
Looking for some ways and tips to integrate Google Apps in your school or classroom? Julia Stiglitz  has this wonderful presentation to help you out. Julia provides several examples and links on how to use each of Google products in your class with students. I have gone through this presentation a few times and pulled these notes for you.

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Google Docs
  •  Collaborative lesson planning
  • Staff/ Grade level meeting notes
  • Shared Lesson Repository
  • Improv the writing process
  • Reading response journals
  • Translate letters home for parents
  • Track students homework and share with parents
  • Sign-up sheets
  • Science experiments
  • Flash card center
Google Forms
  • Use Google Forms for formative and summative assessments
  • Survey students: Collect student interest information
  • Do teacher or student observations
  • Tracking discipline referrals
  • Collect information from parents or teachers
  • Spelling tests/ multiplication tests
Google Calendar
  • Create shared calendars
  • Checking-out resources (laptop carts, library)
  • Standards mapping
  • Pacing guides
  • Use appointment slots for office hours
  • Communication with parents including in Different Languages
  • Global pen pals
Google Talk
  • Invite a guest lecturer into your classroom
  • Hold office hours over chat
Google Sites
  • Create classroom and school websites
  • Student ePortfolios
  • Student projects and reports
  • Curriculum sharing
  • Use Groups for discussion or announcement lists for classes, departments or committees
Blogger and YouTube
  • Use YouTube to share video demonstrations, content-approved films or have students post their own video projects
  • Use Blogger to structure and run your lessons.

Check out the full presentation from this LINK.