Wonderful Guide to The Use of Rubrics in Education

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May , 2014
Rubrics are important elements in your teaching toolkit and there are a variety of ways you can use them to improve your teaching. Mia from Anethicalisland has this wonderful infographic that outlines some of the  reasons to use rubrics, what they improve and how to use them in your class.

What are rubrics ?
Rubrics are scoring charts. They display what is expected of the learner for the assignment. Rubrics are used to assess the learner on several points. Learners can use rubrics as a guide to meet all the requirements for the assignment. Teachers should  follow the rubric when creating and grading assignments.

Why Use Rubrics ?
  • Rubrics enable teachers to better focus each learning event to address the rubric elements
  • A rubric allows teachers to assess based on the expectations in the rubric
  • A rubric lets the learner know what is expected from the beginning
  • Rubrics are tangible in writing.
  • Rubrics provide teachers with a determined goal which they can more easily explain.
  • Rubrics specify each assignment element so the learner can focus.
  • Rubrics allow learners to compare their work to the rubric before submission.
  • Rubrics are specified and uniform for all learners, leaving little room for unfair grading
  • Rubrics can be used as a guide for teachers to address, and give feedback for each issue in an assignment.
How to use rubrics ?
  • Understand the expectations that the rubric has laid out
  • Write Rubrics that make sense for your assignment
  • Read the rubric to the students and then ask if they have questions
  • Disclose that there is a rubric that will guide your grading.
  • Give out the rubric at the beginning of the unit or course
  • Copy and paste the rubric at the end of the assignment and grade on the rubric
  • Follow the rubric
  • After grading is done tweak your rubric to meet your expectations for the next assignment.
  • Have a set of standard rubrics to pull out and use throughout the year.

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