What Is The World Wide Web? A Beautiful Short Animated Explanation for Students

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May 26, 2014
Over the last weekend, I spent some time sifting through the videos shared on TED Ed youTube channel looking for videos to feature in a post I shared earlier today. What is The World Wide Web is one of the videos that stood out to me from the rest. It is basically a short  animated explanation (a little over 3 minutes long) of what the world web means. As I watched it I figured that this is exactly what students need to watch to better understand the concept of the world wide web. This video is also available as a TED Ed lesson to use in your class.

This animation is created by Twila Camp and beautifully illustrates some of the key ideas related to the WWW that are used  in everyday language. Here are some of my highlights from this video:

The world wide web Vs Internet
Although the terms are used interchangeably, the  WWW is not internet. Internet is simply the way in which computers connect to each other to share information. When Internet first emerged, computers made direct calls to each other. Today, computers communicate seamlessly through the use of networks.

The communication enabled through Internet has many uses such as : emails, file transfer, and conferencing but the most common use is accessing the world wide web... watch the video to learn more about the components of WWW and how they are used to give access to knowledge and information stored in the cloud.

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