Two Great Tools to Create Image Based Quizzes

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May , 2014
Today, I am sharing with you two important tools to create quizzes around images.

1- ImageQuiz

ImageQuiz is a handy web tool that allows you to create quizzes around images. You can upload and  use your own images or use the ones hosted online.Each quiz you create will prompt people who take your quiz to look for answers using parts of the image. For instance, if you use an image of the United States, you could pose questions such as name and locate the states or cities on the map.
To create an image-based quiz using ImageQuiz is very easy. First, type in a title for your quiz and select the image you want to use. Next, select the portions of the image that will be the answers to your questions then write your questions and give it a try before you share it. Here is an example of an image based quiz created by ImageQuiz

2- Google Forms Image Based Quizzes
Another great way to create quizzes around images is through the use of Google Forms. Last year Google introduced a new feature that allow users to integrate images into their forms. You can now upload an image from your computer or copy and paste the URL of one that is hosted online or use the ones you have on your Google Drive and build your quiz around them. Here is how to do it ( if you have never created a form in Google Forms, read this guide first).

To add an image to your form, click on the " add item" button displayed in your Google Forms and select " image" just as shown in the snapshot below.

There are three ways you can embed an image in your Google form:

1- You can drag and drop it in the designated area or you can click on " choose and image" and upload it from your hard drive.
2- You can  upload images from the web by pasting their URLs in the content bar provided there
3- You can  embed a snapshot into your forms. Just click on  " take a snapshot " and you are good to go.
4- You can also add images from your Google Drive.
see these four steps in this screenshot

When you upload your image you can then give it a title and type in the hover text. The hover text is self explanatory, it is the words users will see when they hover  on the image. The hover text is also important in cases when the image does not appear in a certain web browser.

You can also control the placement of your image: either aligning it to the right, centering it, or aligning it to the left.

If you want to change the image you selected ,you click on the " change" button right above the image and go through the process mentioned previously.