The Popular Animoto Video Maker is Now Available for iPad

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May 23, 2014
Animoto, one of  the most popular presentation and video creation tools online, has recently released Animoto app for iPad. Using this new app, you will be able to create video presentations on the go and share them with others using social media websites such as Twitter , YouTube, and Facebook.

Animoto allows you to create simple and beautiful videos that combine text, soundtrack and images. Animoto provides more than 1000 soundtracks from different musical genres which you can access in their music library and use in your videos. You can also use your iPad camera to take photos or use the ones already stored in your camera roll. Other features that Animoto provides to users include over 50 different video styles to choose from, the ability to add captions to your photos, trim video clips and create title cards.

A free Animoto account lets you create 30 seconds videos. To create longer clips you need to register for Animoto for Education classroom account.

Watch to see how to create a video on Animoto

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