The Best Augmented Reality Apps for Teachers

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May , 2014
Augmented reality is a new technology with some promising potential for education. The basic premise behind augmented reality is the extension of the physical world to include components of the digitally  virtual world. According to Drew Minock, Co-Author of Two Guys and Some iPads , augmented reality is :

 ability to bring the digital world into our physical world. Digital content overlaid onto physical objects gives us the ability to bring learning content into the classroom like never before. When learning about the Solar System, you can have students read an article, look at pictures, or watch a video, but with augmented reality you can put the entire Solar System on their desk in 3D to interact with. That is powerful!” – Drew Minock (@TechMinock), Co-Author of Two Guys and Some iPads.
There are actually several iPad apps that teachers can use to improve students learning through the concept augmented reality. I have already shared several of these apps in earlier posts, today, however, I am sharing with you two of the most popular augmented reality apps used by teachers. These are :

1- Aurasma
Aurasma is an augmented reality app that’s changing the way millions of people see and interact with the world. Bring tagged images, objects and even physical locations to life with interactive digital content, such as video, animations and 3D scenes ( called Auras).
Aurasma allows you to:
  • Use the simple tools within the app to create your own Auras and share them with friends and other Aurasma users
  • Create Auras by choosing from thousands of digital animations already on the platform or alternatively use your own photos and videos 
  • Use the map feature to discover Auras at nearby locations
  • Browse the ‘explore’ and ‘featured’ sections of the app to find the latest and most popular Auras
Aurasma for iPad
Aurasma for Android

Watch this video to learn more how to use Aurasma

2- Layar
Scan print materials enhanced with Layar to view rich digital experiences right on top! Then be amazed as extra digital content appears, allowing you to interact with your world in a whole new way!

Some of the features Layar provides to users:
  •  See magazines come alive with videos right on the page!
  •  Easily buy items with direct mobile shopping links.
  • Connect with links to web content and share items on social media.
  • Browse and view thousands of Geo Layers to find stuff nearby, like ATMs, restaurants, historical locations and more!
  • Pop out content. Enjoy interactive print away from the page! Tap the pop out icon and continue your experience.
  • Favorites. Save your favorite interactive print experiences  so you can view them again later without needing to scan!

Watch this video to see Layar in action

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