The 7Cs of The 21st Century Lifelong Learning Skills

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May 2, 2014
Since the incarnation of web2.0 technologies, the world witnessed transformative change in the way human knowledge is stored and shared. Web-based tools provide innovative ways to address day-to-day activities in everyday life and most importantly in education. Current educational technology specifically enables communication that facilitates collaborative discussion, exchange of opinions and critical thinking.

With this new knowledge Age emerges the need for a redefinition of the essential learning skills , 'the mastering of which will help ensure students' success in the future job market '. In a great journal article entitled "Toward Learning Societies and The Global Challenges for Learning with ICT " Bernie Trilling featured  the 7Cs that underly the 21st century lifelong learning skills. These7Cs are derived from a number of contemporary efforts to define the essential skills needed for a society’s future workforce.

Check out this free PDFto learn more about the 7 Cs Trilling talked about.