Mobile Learning Explained Visually

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May 4, 2014
The graphic below provides a good mapping of the mobile learning landscape. It features some interesting stats and digital habits that make out of the on the go learning  a powerful learning brand that is expected to reign in the near future.

While I find this visual very interesting , I do  have one concern related to the concept of digital natives used in the first section. Several people think of digital natives as kids who are born into this digital world and possess some amazing digital skills acquired through their overuse of digital media. Part of this is true but there is another part that we need to know:

In a section in her wonderful book "Understanding The Social Lives of Networked Teens" Danah Boyd talked extensively about the concept of digital natives and argued that this nomenclature does not really capture the essence of what a digitally savvy teenager really means. Dana argued that the mere fact of being comfortable with a social media tool does not prove that the user has a digital fluency to allow them to better use it for educational purposes :
Just because teens are comfortable using social media to hang out does not mean that they’re fluent in or with technology. Many teens are not nearly as digitally adept as the often-used assumption that they are “digital natives” would suggest. The teens I met knew how to get to Google but had little understanding about how to construct a query to get quality information from the popular search engine. They knew how to use Facebook, but their understanding of the site’s privacy settings did not mesh with the ways in which they configured their accounts. As sociologist Eszter Hargittai has quipped, many teens are more likely to be digital naives than digital natives.

mobile learning    source : Voxy

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