iPad Bingo Chart for Teachers

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May 4, 2014
iPad Bingo chart is an activity created by Allanah King to help teachers enhance their workflow with iPad. At the heart of iPad Bingo is a collaborative learning and sharing experience and though Allanah initially designed this chart to be used with teachers learning about the basics of iPad use, I would suggest that teachers use it with their students in the start of the school year to assess students knowledge of basic iPad tasks. To do this you can apply the procedure Allanah used :

The deal was that people had to walk around the room and find someone who could show them how to do the tasks on the bingo board, that person showed them, then they had to do the task themselves. Then they could initial the bingo board. When they had five squares initialled in a row they yelled ‘Allanah’ and got a prize!

iPad Bingo chart is available as a Google Doc from this link.