Great Video-based Review Activities for End of School Year

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May 31, 2014
This is the second post in a series of posts designed to help teachers wrap up the school year with engaging tech infused activities. The purpose is to keep students involved in learning until the last bell has rung. What I have for you today is a set of great web tools that you can use with students to create quizzes around videos. Most of these tools support the popular video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. And though there are minor differences between each tool, the overall process of creating a video quiz is almost similar.

Using these web tools, you will be able to create  video-based review activities around topics covered during the school year. The great thing about these tools is that almost all of them allow for instant feedback, which means that students will be able to see how they performed on the quiz right away.

Vialogue (Video + Dialogue ) is an online video with a group discussion feature. Vialogue allows users to interact with videos by adding time stamped comments to them. This can be a great tool for teachers to use with their students to get them engaged in video prompted discussions.To get started, upload a video, grab one from YouTube, or choose one from the growing collection on this site. Once you’ve created a vialogue, you can encourage thoughtful conversations by posing questions, adding polls, and replying to comments. You can even embed a vialogue into your website, LMS, or blog!

VideoNotes is a free web tool that allows students to take notes on a video they are watching. The notes are synchronized with the video being watched. The good thing about VideoNotes is that it is integrated into Google Drive which means that students will be able to save their notes directly to their Drive account and access, edit, and work on them anytime they want. All the notes are time-stamped.

3- Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle allows you to use only what you need from any video, insert audio notes or record over a video with your voice, and add questions at any point in the video and track your students' understanding.

4-Google Forms

Google Forms has made it possible for users to insert YouTube videos into their forms. You can now embed YouTube videos into forms and ask students questions to ensure they watch the video. Check out this guide to learn how more about how to insert videos into Google Forms.


TED Ed is a website that allows teachers to create lessons around YouTube videos. Teachers can select YouTube videos and use their URLs to add questions in different formats. The added value of this tool is that it has a section where teachers can track stats of how many have answered answers and how many students have seen the lesson. Check out this visual guide to learn more about how to created a video lessons using TED Ed.

6- Educanon

Educanon is another powerful tool that teachers can use to design lessons based on videos from both YouTube and Vimeo. And like Teachem, teachers can generate questions on the content of videos and share it together with videos in a single lesson.

8- Blubbr

Blubbr is a cool web tool that allows users to create quizzes around YouTube videos. These are basically interactive video quizzes ( called Trivs ) that you can create for your students and which they can answer while they watch the selected video clip. The quizzes are also feedback supported meaning students will get feedback as they answer each question.