Great Educational Web Tools for Teachers, Librarians, and Administrators

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May , 2014
There is a rising tide of tools created for teachers, librarians, department heads, and administrators at both the school and district levels. Tools such as device management, video curation, group scheduling, survey management, private messaging, and book searching. These tools are designed to make your lives easier by making arduous chores more efficient.


Rolling out a 1:1 student-to-device program? This service keeps track of all the devices you have deployed throughout your district.

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the educational videos online? Aided by a team of teachers, this service chooses and catalogs the best videos.

 Planning a team meeting? This handy tool lets individuals with busy schedules select the most optimal date and time for everyone.

Want to gather feedback from your students, teachers, or parents? Run classroom- or school-level surveys to get the information you need.

Need to communicate with students, teachers, or parents privately and quickly? Check out this 2-way messaging service.

Does your district subscribe to Scholastic? Search through their entire catalog with this website and mobile app.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools.
Student Assessment Tools 

 Websites and mobile apps for assessing student performance. Curated by middle school teacher Rick Thomas.

Tools for planning, classroom management, classroom culture, and design. Curated by blended learning academic manager Michael Wacker.