Great Educational Web Tools Created by Teachers for Teachers

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May 22, 2014
Familiar with the term "teacherpreneur?" Only a few years old, this term appears to be evolving from a classroom teacher empowered & involved in educational leadership, to a classroom teacher who may also be an entrepreneur. Here are some notable products created by this new class of teacherpreneurs.


 Like a Pinterest for teachers, this digital clipboard lets teachers clip and share all kinds of digital content.

BYOD movement hasn't taken hold in your school yet? Don't fret. Your students can hold up paper cards while your phone captures their responses.

 Don't have or want to bother with a Scantron? Use this iOS app to scan your students' multiple-choice answers and upload to your gradebook.

Deliver reading assessments sans all the paperwork with this mobile app. Record and play back reading sessions to help students improve.

 Save yourself even more paperwork by digitizing permission slips, parent-teacher conference forms, and more with this web-based service.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools .

Teacher Tools 

A collection of tools teachers can use right in the classroom. Curated by educator Sherry Lee.

A collection of apps to help teachers create digital content. Curated by the faculty at Avenues: The World School.