Grab Math Tools iPad App While It's Free (Was $4.99)

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May 1, 2014
I just learned from Tony Vincent that Math Tools iPad app is now free for a limited time. It used to cost $4.99. Math Tools is a great Math app that is designed specifically to cater to the math needs of kids and preschoolers. Math Tools comprises a collection of familiar math learning tools that allow young learners to:

  • Learn to count 
  • Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and times tables 
  • Develop an understanding of number ideas and number values 
  • Create number bonds 
  • Learn to use and practice multibase and number bond theories 
  • Challenge themselves through setting numbers and operations to create complex equation
Here is what Math Tools include within it:
  • An Abacus for counting units, tens and hundreds 
  • Sets of 10, 20 & 40 Counting Beads for practicing number bonds 
  • Four different Number Squares to practice times tables, number sequences and much more 
  • An interactive landscape that allows you to create pictures and count as many objects as you can 
  • A set of Multibase tools which will help you visualise numbers and the rules of addition and subtraction 
  • A series of Numibond blocks which are a set of shapes and patterns that help you count and form number bonds 
  • A set of up to four Dice that will help you set operations, learn different counting methods and challenge yourself over and over again 
  • More tools coming soon!
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