Google Just Released New Standalone Apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides (Offline Features Included)

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May 1, 2014
Google announced today the release of new standalone mobile apps for Docs and Sheets (Slides coming soon).This means that you no longer have to access your Google Drive app to create docs, sheets and slides. You can do that on each app separately and of course, you’ll still be able to use the Drive app to view and organize all of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and more.

 According to Google, providing standalone apps for each of the Google Drive services will  make it easier for users to  quickly find, edit and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the go.
These new apps come with some interesting features. First, when you open any of these apps, you will be able to see your most recently edited files which means less time searching and scrolling. Also, The apps also come with offline support built in, so you can easily view, edit and create files without an Internet connection.

You can download the new apps from the links below: