Excellent Web Tools to Help Students Learn English Pronunciation

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May 19, 2014
1- Howjsay

This is a great free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation. Just type in your word and Howjsay provides the pronunciation together with other variations of the word.

2- Wordhippo

This is another great free online dictionary that allows students to check for pronunciation of words. To use Wordhippo, type in your word, and select pronounce from the options. Students can also use it to  look for synonyms, antonyms, word meanings, and many more.

3- Macmillan Dictionary

The popular Macmillan dictionary has an option where users can listen to the pronunciation of the word looked for. Under each word you look for in Macmillan, a pronunciation button is provided that you can click on to hear how the word is pronounced.

4- Dictionarist

Dictionarist is similar to Macmillan. It provides both word meaning and its pronunciation. It also shows the word translation in different languages.